Couponing 101

Where To Find Coupons?


The first thing you should start doing is collecting your coupons. You should be focused on this for about a month. Even though you don’t have a good stockpile of coupons you can still make some great deals.  


Here are a few tips to get you started...


Most Internet Printing websites will require you to download their coupon printing software. If you are on a legit coupon printing website (all of these listed below) it will not harm your computer. There are thousands of people all over the country who use these websites to print coupons.

Most Internet Printables have a print limit of two coupons per computer. After printing your first coupon just hit the back button on your browser to print another coupon. You might need to click refresh after clicking back.


Below  is a summary of the many resources you can use to build your stockpile of coupons.


Sunday Newspaper Inserts:

P&G: Procter & Gamble Sunday insert
RP: Red Plum
SS: SmartSource

Internet Printables:

All You Magazine” is a great one to get. You can find these at Wal-Mart exclusively.  It is full of high value manufacturer coupons.

Products You Purchase:
Keep in mind that on a lot of items you buy, there are coupons! For example, a box of Tide Laundry Detergent might have $4 in coupons on the inside of cardboard.

Purchase Coupons/Inserts:

Coupon lingo:

$1/1, $1/2: One dollar off one item, one dollar off two items, etc.
2/$1, 3/$2: Two items for one dollar, three items for two dollars, etc.
B1G1/BOGO: Buy one item get one item free
B2G1: Buy two items get one item free
Beep: Sometimes the register will beep when a coupon is scanned to indicate that the cashier need to take an action, like entering a price.
Blinkies: Grocery/drugstore coupon dispensers with blinking lights
Catalina: Catalina coupon, prints from a separate machine when your receipt prints
DND: Do not double
Ea.: Each
ETS: Excludes trial size
Exp.: Expires
GC: Gift card
IVC: Instant Value Coupon, Walgreens' store coupons found in ads and monthly booklet
MIR: Mail-in rebate
OYNO: On your next order
OOP: Out of pocket
OOS: Out of stock
Peelie: Peel-off coupon found on product packaging
PSA: Prices starting at
RRs: Register Rewards, Walgreens' Catalina coupons
Q: Coupon
Stacking: Using both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon on one item
UPC: Universal product code, bar code
Tearpad: Pad of coupons attached to a display, shelf, or refrigerator door.
WYB: When you buy

How To Organize Your Coupons:

First, buy a three ring binder, baseball card organizers (found at Office Depot), scissors, a pen and blank address labels.

Take some time to figure out how your coupons could best be organized for you and your style of shopping. You need to do this YOUR way so that it works well for you.

One way of organizing coupons is to clip all coupons and sort and label by how the aisles in your grocery store are laid out.

Another way is to organize the coupons based on product type - this is likely to be very similar to the above organizational method, although a bit more broad. Categories such as "Health and Beauty", "Frozen Foods", "Baby Items", "Deli", etc. are some that you could create.

Another method is to organize your coupons based on which inserts they were taken out of.  For example you would label it "Red Plum, August 17th" and then place all of the coupons from that insert there.

I would recommend having a section for "Commonly bought items/AWESOME coupon deals" - always scan this section of coupons so you can watch for these specific items to go on sale and you can snag them at an amazing deal.

If you have multiple coupon inserts (which I HIGHLY recommend, check the resources below for more on this) then you will need to find a way to organize these extra coupons.

Keep a slim-made-for-three-ring-binders pencil case in the front of your coupon book.  Prior to your shopping trip put all the coupons you plan to use in the front of it, and while going through the store put any coupons that you decide to use in the case too. This way all your coupons are in one handy to access place.

Missouri Coupon Queen has an amazing binder and if you check their section for beginners, you'll find more amazing tips on how to organize your coupons.  -Also, check out her Couponing 101 Beginners Packet.  It's full of useful information to get you started!